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It felt as if one’s entire world was one, long Sunday afternoon.
Nothing to do. Nowhere to go.

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Dexter is always the best! :)

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Soooooooooooo true

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Some of Eden Hazard’s dribbles vs. Burnley.

Though most of the attention was on the Fabregas/Schürrle link up play, the Hazard/Matic link up play was just as good, if not better.

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"It’s a pleasure to be back on the pitch with the team and I try to give my best but today was difficult, my first minutes of this pre season. I hope the next game will be better."

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Another long run, hoping to put distance between me and everything else. The farther, the better. Only problem is, the distance is just temporary, because no matter how far I go, I always have to come back.
— Lisa Shroeder, Chasing Brooklyn (via quoted-books)
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Too True
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